Progress check: 31 startups continues cranking out ideas

You’ve no doubt heard it said that getting started is easy. It’s the ability to keep going that’s difficult. Which makes the continued activity around 31 startups admirable. Even if none of these companies hit their goal of being cashflow positive in 90 days.

When we last checked in, it was day 14. Today is day 19. So what’s the latest from 31 startups?

Day 15: Straight Shots & Startups

Three existing founders are going to get on a Zoom (c’mon sponsor this Zoom), and they’re going to talk about their booze of choice if they want, and all three take a quick straight shot (1 to 1.5 oz). Then taking turns one at a time, each tells viewers about their existing business. Their first 90 days ;-), where they are at now, and their biggest challenges. At the end of each person’s intro segment, all three take a shot. So, at about 30 minutes in, the founders should be four shots deep.

Day 16: Exit Path

Helping you sell your company, the right way, not the Sisyphus way… A pitch book is like a pitch deck but lists things a possible buyer needs to know. You gotta get your act together for this one. Three years of receipts stuffed in a shoebox and two years behind on filing taxes — not so good.

Day 17: One Million Founders

One million founders, online, in-person, building startups that work for everyone… So, getting founders and entrepreneurs in community together is what One Million Founders is all about. Founders local, founders national, and founders worldwide.… Fellowship, gatherings, birds of a feather, your tribe.

Day 18: One Page Plans

Carefully crafted simplicity system designed to break down complex things… One page business plan… One page marketing plan… One page product launch plan

Day 19: Whiskey Koan

Beautifully designed, handcrafted, hand-blown whiskey drinking vessels (10% to nonprofits)… A koan is a riddle or puzzle that Zen Buddhists use during meditation to help them unravel greater truths about the world and about themselves. Zen masters have been testing their students with these stories, questions, or phrases for centuries.

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