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And so the 31 startups reveals draw to a close. But we’re still 90 days away from the end.

Every finish line is actually just a starting line for the next phase of the journey. Sure, Mark Grimes took on the experiment of launching one startup a day for the 31 days. And that was crazy enough. But we’re far from through. That’s because he also took on the challenge of trying to get each of those startups to cash flow positive in 90 days. You know, like a real business. And that 90 day countdown starts on September 1, 2020.

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Progress check: 31 startups continues cranking out ideas

You’ve no doubt heard it said that getting started is easy. It’s the ability to keep going that’s difficult. Which makes the continued activity around 31 startups admirable. Even if none of these companies hit their goal of being cashflow positive in 90 days.

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Big ideas in small packages: Day 14 of 31 startups

What if you could have a book of inspiration and ideas that didn’t have to sit on a shelf. One that, instead, traveled with you in your pocket. That’s the idea behind day 14 of 31 startups: Tiny Book Publishing.

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Need help talking finances with the family? That’s the startup idea for day 13 of 31 startups

For any number of reasons, discussing money and finances can be difficult. Even for family members. You’re all in it together but money just makes thingsā€¦ well, awkward. And so a little help might be in order. Which is what Mark Grimes is thinking for day 13 of 31 startups.

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As a founder, could you use a curated swag bag of inspiring stuff?

Curated subscription boxes come in all sorts of flavors these days. But what about a subscription box for founders that’s inspirational and compelling? That’s the idea behind day 12 of 31 startups.

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Think launching one startup is hard? Try launching one a day.

Yeah. Some people shudder at the concept of launching a single startup. Some folks, like me, launch a few companies and are like yeah no. It’s hard to build a single company. Even when that’s your singular focus. But this whole crazy pandemic deal is causing folks to try some random stuff. So what would happen when a serial entrepreneur decided to launch a new company? Oh wait. I mean, every single day. For a whole month. Well that’s the concept that Portland’s Mark Grimes is chasing with 31 startups, this month.

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