And so the 31 startups reveals draw to a close. But we’re still 90 days away from the end.

Every finish line is actually just a starting line for the next phase of the journey. Sure, Mark Grimes took on the experiment of launching one startup a day for the 31 days. And that was crazy enough. But we’re far from through. That’s because he also took on the challenge of trying to get each of those startups to cash flow positive in 90 days. You know, like a real business. And that 90 day countdown starts on September 1, 2020.

Since we last checked in, he’s presented 11 more startups:

Day 20: Corporate Social Responsibility Company/Agency

Design, create and build successful high profile Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Day 21: Help a Founder Out; Founder or Flounder?

Simple way to help a founder overcome a current challenge

Day 22: Video Elevator Pitches

Short 90 second founder pitch videos for investors, peers, and entrepreneurial supporters

Day 23: Big Lead Gen Machine

Media buying, CPC ads and great content bringing the right conversations to you

Day 24: Thru Mzungu Eyes: Growth School Online

Growing your startup from the comfort of your living room

Day 25: Try to Set the Night on Fire

Deeply curated invitation only experience for 99 founders in an extremely unusual location

Day 26: Startup Founder Hot Seat

90 minutes of powerful help from founders who’ve had multiple exits

Day 27: Popup Drive-in

Manifesting the drive-in experience in strange and unusual places

Day 28: Crookies

Cookies made by ex-felons, they’ve paid their dues to society, now time for sweet treats, raisins can simply just f#ck off

Day 29: Resolution Kit

Setting, working towards, and achieving the things you really want in and out of life

Day 30: submerged.com

Community drive co-op based product or service

Day 31: Edgy Ned & the SoundSpace

New CEO needed for two companies, 57 domains for sale, lease, or joint venture

If you missed any of the startups, they’re available in this Twitter thread. All 31 of them.

Or you can visit the Google Doc.