Which eight startups from Oregon are among the 1000+ Y Combinator alums?

What do you do when you have insomnia? Well, of course you… What’s that? Oh. Wait what? Oh yeah. That’s a good idea. Damn. But I meant that you could also… Huh? Oh. Oh man. Yeah. That’s super solid. Truly. Shoot. I totally should have thought of that. What I meant to say was — maybe I should rephrase — what do I do when I have insomnia? That’s right. I spend time sifting through the new Y Combinator alum database to figure out which Oregon companies have been through the most preeminent of startup accelerator programs. Duh.

And so what did my sleep addled self come up with? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are eight companies from Oregon — among the 1000+ YC alums — who self identified as Oregon companies.

Batch (Summer 2020)

We enable companies that use messaging platforms like Kafka the ability to gain visibility into their queues and most importantly, gain the ability to replay any events that have passed through their bus. Event replay is rooted in event sourcing and while “replay” is often touted as one of the best features of event driven arch, it is difficult and costly to achieve. With our platform, any engineering org can reap the benefits of event replay without breaking the bank.

Brave Care (Summer 2019)

Brave Care is a group of kid-only primary & urgent care clinics that create a comfortable environment for little ones and reduce the stress and cost of emergency medicine for parents. We are 1/10th the cost of an ER trip and most often a visit can be completed in 1/4th the time. Common treatments: Pinkeye / Allergies / Tummy Bugs / Stitches / Broken Bones / Head Bumps / Sore Throats / Coughs / Fevers. Our digital services leverage our in-clinic medical professionals to reach across the country.

inDinero (Summer 2010)

inDinero is on a mission to reinvent small business operations, helping our clients understand their finances like never before. By combining a full finance team of bookkeepers, accountants, and CPA’s, with real time accounting software, we provide startups and small businesses the knowledge they need to understand their company’s financial health and make better decisions with their money. Tax experts work with accountants under one roof to prepare and file our clients’​ taxes and maximize tax savings.

MilkRun (Summer 2020)

Our team of farmers and chefs curate boxes of the finest quality local food for our customers each week. From seasonal produce, to humanely-handled pasture-raised meat, to organic eggs and dairy, there’s something for every family. We deliver right to your door, as often as you want. Whether your family needs a delivery once a week or once a month, we’re committed to helping you shop local. Delivery includes recipe suggestions, cooking videos, and more from our team of chefs. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to roast a whole chicken or what that new-to-you vegetable is, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Nimble (Summer 2017)

Nimble uses predictive analytics to give every K-12 student access to excellent teachers. Our smart applicant tracking system (ATS) leverages a predictive model to help school districts identify and hire the best educators for their classrooms.

RealCrowd (Summer 2013)

RealCrowd puts the power of commercial real estate investing into your hands. This unique crowd based equity platform was created by experienced commercial real estate investment professionals to allow you to decide where your money is invested by offering direct investments. Pooling your money with other like-minded investors and working with a seasoned real estate operator with the skills, knowledge and experience to optimize the asset will remove the traditional barriers to entry that typically exist in commercial real estate investing.

Slite (Winter 2018)

Slite (YC W18) is where modern teams write and organize their content: meeting notes, processes, how to’s, collaborative docs and more.

Vathys (Winter 2018)

Accelerating deep learning through software

Interested in digging through the database yourself? Visit the Y Combinator alum database.