Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood is now helping kids be more Brave

Speaking of Oregon Y Combinator alums… a recent YC alum is expanding their service area — and physical footprint — here in Portland by opening a second location for their pediatric care offerings. That’s right. Brave Care has a location in Sellwood, now.

When we set out to design our new Sellwood clinic, we kept the local community in mind. We wanted to have more visit rooms so people could spend more time in their own personal space and less in shared anxiety of a waiting room. We built out a community event space to provide educational events for parents and provide a space for other educators who work with parents to have a clean, comfortable and modern space to share their expertise.

At our Sellwood clinic, you’ll find the same excellent quality of care we’re honored to be known for providing at our NE Portland clinic. We pride ourselves on knowing you and your children and making you feel heard during an in-person visit, a virtual visit or if you call one of our nurses late at night.

Interested in learning more? Visit Brave Care: Hello Sellwood! We’ve Expanded our Complete Pediatric Care to SE Portland.

Bonus random trivial fact: Brave Care now occupies the former office of an independent physician who adopted the first locally produced SaaS electronic medical record — one of the first in the world, to be honest — way way back in in the late 90s. Why do I remember that? It was created by one of the first startups I worked for in Portland, MedicaLogic. And it was called Logician Internet. Because it was the dotcom days. Thank you for believing in us, Dr. Erickson.

[Full disclosure: Brave Care is part of the PIE family. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]