And now for something slightly different: In Case It Missed You

As you might have noticed, I’ve got plenty to share about what’s happening in the Portland startup community. And sometimes, I expand that purview to Oregon, as a whole. Or write about things that are happening elsewhere but are important to startups here. Clearly, I really, really like doing that. And hopefully, me doing that consistently on a volunteer basis for more than 13 years proves that.

But fact of the matter is that I consume a lot of other interesting content that doesn’t fit terribly well within the constraints of the Silicon Florist focus. And while I try to share that content here and there on Twitter and various Slack instances, I just felt like there might be a more organized way to do it.

And so I decide to start something new. I’ve no idea if it will actually work or not. But I’ve never let that stop me before.

It’s called “In Case It Missed You.” And it will be a random smattering of the interesting stuff I find on the Internet. Best of all, it will be delivered directly to your inbox. As a newsletter.

Welcome to “In Case It Missed You” by me, Rick Turoczy. Where I’ll work to surface interesting stories, themes, and people that happened to make it on to my RADAR. And that I found valuable. But that may have not made it to you, quite yet.

Because, honestly, the most interesting stuff should find its way to you. Not the other way around.

Why a newsletter instead of another blog? Well, most of the folks who are regular readers of Silicon Florist consume it as a newsletter — either daily or weekly — anyway. So it seemed to be the right format for keeping folks informed in the way they prefer to be informed.

If you’re interested in joining me in this latest endeavor, please feel free to subscribe. And tell your friends.