Need more details about a particular location? Iggy wants to help

While travel may not be top of mind for many folks right now, I think we’re all hopeful that we’ll get the chance to travel again. And when we do, getting more details about where we’re visiting can always be helpful. And those are the types of insights that Iggy is working to provide.

The first offering from the startup is a Google Chrome extension that augments location searches with a rich collection of additional information:

IggyEnrich adds information to your favorite travel and real estate sites, right on the page. Using location information about the listing you’re looking at, IggyEnrich adds information about the surrounding landscape, the air quality, the risk of wildfires, and how much light pollution you can expect so you don’t have to open a bunch of other tabs to get context on the location of a listing. It’s now all on one page automatically, saving you time and frustration.

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