A new name and some new money to help introduce it: Meet DeepSurface (formerly Kanchil)

I’ve been tracking on a Portland startup called Kanchil for a bit. Mostly because they’ve posted opening to the Silicon Florist job board. It seemed pretty stealthy at the time, so I was reticent to post much about it. But now, they have a new name and some new funding. And other people are writing about it. So now I feel more comfortable encouraging you to take a look at DeepSurface.

With DeepSurface, enterprise security teams are better able to find, measure and address the real risk on their networks—and they can do it faster and cheaper than ever before.

To make it all possible, DeepSurface does automated reconnaissance and deep inspection of enterprise networks to gather all the context needed to find risk, produce highly-detailed threat models, and give the teams actionable intelligence. DeepSurface does all this without agents and from a central console that makes deployment extremely fast and easy. DeepSurface integrates seamlessly with legacy vulnerability scanners, SIEMs, and IT ticketing systems. Having objective measures of risk and actionable intelligence allows teams to move faster, make more strategic decisions, and reduce actual risk much faster.

And they’ve recently attracted some venture capital investment thanks to this offering and its potential.

GeekWire: Portland startup DeepSurface Security raises $1M to help companies assess vulnerabilities

Led by security industry veterans, the 3-year-old startup sells software that assesses potential risk and lays out a “hacker roadmap.” The idea is to help prioritize the most risky vulnerabilities and automate a traditionally manual process at a time when companies are using more cloud-based systems.

Portland Business Journal: DeepSurface Security raises $1M, including a rare Voyager Capital seed investment

The capital will be used for the public launch of DeepSurface’s automated security tools. The product has been available to certain beta testers for the past year but will be widely available in October.

For more, read the DeepSurface blog post announcing the funding.