Stock up: Portland startup Bumped readies for public release

One of the most promising young companies in recent Portland startup history — founded by a serial entrepreneur, funded by local investors, and securing a bunch of seasoned local talent — Bumped has been quietly chugging along in a closed beta. But all of that is changing soon. And so is the Bumped offering.

If you’ve been part of the Bumped beta, the new functionality will seem a bit different. Instead of choosing one of two brands competing for your loyalty, you’ll get a lot more to choose from:

Start by opening the “Get Stock” section of your app and select offers from about 1,000 different brands. Some will reward online shopping, others allow you to activate your card and shop with the brand in-store at your leisure. You’ll get all the details, including what percentage of stock you’ll be rewarded in, when you activate an offer by selecting it.

Why the change? Well, because Bumped listened to their users.

Over the course of the pilot we heard it loud and clear from our users: people want stock rewards from more brands, without the constraints of categories. We’re excited to say that the Bumped app still gives customers fractional shares of stock for spending with the brands they love, and now users can select from about 1,000 different brands to spend with and get rewarded in stock. You can shop and spend where you want, with no need to select just one brand per category.

Currently part of the pilot? You’ll want to get details on the transition. Curious about trying Bumped? Meet Bumped, again.