Discogs is 20 years old

Part of my inspiration to start documenting what I saw happening in the Portland startup community more than 13 years ago were those companies that were doing amazing things that no one was talking about. Like Discogs. Which was definitely one of those inspiration points for me. And so it’s with a great deal of nostalgia that I share that Discogs has now turned 20. In 2020, at that.

It’s really incredible how far we’ve come. Discogs now has 13 million releases, 7 million artists, and almost 60 million things for sale from 150,000 sellers. And it’s the go-to resource for people that really care about music. None of this would be possible without all of you, whether you’re contributing to the Database, giving suggestions in the forums, or building up your Collections and Wantlists. Thank you, Discogs Community!!

For more, see the anniversary post on Discogs.