The next act: Brandlive founder rethinks online video collaboration, again, with Zipcan

Sometimes founders are ahead of the curve. And sometimes, they’re right inline with timing. Such is the case with Fritz Brumder, one of the founders of Brandlive, a Portland startup that was early to the game of video collaboration between consumer brands and their customers. Back then, Brandlive was way ahead of the curve — which always brings with it an educational hurdle as you help the market understand the vision. This time around with his new startup — Bend based Zipcan — however, the timing seems impeccable.

Why? Well, like it or not, this pandemic has forced all of us to get way way more comfortable with collaborating online via video. And with that educational hurdle lowered — or completely eliminated — that applicability of this new pursuit seems incredibly obvious and necessary.

So what does Zipcan do, exactly? Well, I really like the way that Chris Messina described it in an almost OpenID-ish kind of way as “Turning your website into your own phone number.” But, rather than me paraphrasing, I think it’s probably more on brand for me to simply let the video do the talking:

Like what you see? Maybe considering tossing Fritz and crew an upvote on Product Hunt today. Already sold? Head on over to Zipcan.