REMINDER: Add your startup — or a startup you know — to the list

I try and track as many Oregon startups as I can. Be they Web based or physical objects. Just so long as they have the potential to grow quickly and be efficient with revenue, they’re interesting to me. But even as much time as I focus on that effort, I’m still often surprised and delighted to learn of new companies right under my nose.

So, I was thinking… if we’re ever going to get a realistic picture of what’s actually happening around here, we’re going to need a whole bunch of people — from startup founders to investors to remote workers — to help generate that list. That’s why I launched a new effort to help crowdsource a definitive list of startup companies in Oregon — be they headquartered here, a regional office, or simply an outpost for a remote employee or two. And I’m hoping you might be able to carve out a minute or two to help make the list even better.

With holiday schedules, it’s only truly been active for a few days, but we’re already starting to see a number of companies submitted — sometimes multiple times. (Thank you so much to all of you who have submitted companies already!)

Immediately know of a company that’s missing? Heard about a new startup moving to town? Know a remote worker who lives in Oregon and works for a startup we’ve all heard of? Please take a few seconds to add them to the list.

Don’t have all of the details? Doesn’t matter. Fill in what you know. Have multiple companies you’d like to add? Feel free to submit as many as you like. Worried you might be duplicating efforts? Don’t worry. There’s a step between you submitting and the company going live in this list. I’m happy to de-dupe.