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Portland startup Knapsack launches Patterns retreat in Santa Fe

More signs of the world beginning to move back to in-person. Portland startup Knapsack which just recently announced a new $5.5 million round of funding has something else new they’ve been working on. Meet Patterns, a retreat focused on engineering, product, and design leaders in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Silicon Florist links arrangement for March 4, 2022 💐

Portland software startup snags $5.5M from investors

“Design systems play a central role in democratizing the way we create and contribute to the apps and websites that make up digital ecosystems,“ said Chris Strahl, co-founder and CEO, in a written statement. “Knapsack provides the infrastructure organizations need to realize both efficiency and quality gains made possible by building with reusable user interface patterns.”

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Looking to speed up your app development? Portland startup Knapsack wants to help

The promise of object oriented programming was always rooted in the idea of being able to reuse chunks of code, thereby speeding up programming and reducing errors. But as applications get more and more complex, companies are creating their own libraries of objects. And Portland startup Knapsack is interested in helping.

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