Did you know the Portland connection to the “Hover Cat” meme?

With all the talk of NFTs, I’ve been thinking back about classic memes with a Portland angle. And how the creators of the works that inspired those memes might be able to get in on the whole NFT craze, too. Of course, the obvious one is KGW and “I like turtles.” But the classic Hover Cat meme has its connections to Portland, as well.

Wait. Hover Cat is from Portland? Well, the photographer, Brian Hendrickson, lives here. I’m not sure about Cheddar, these days.

His name is “Cheddar” and he’s the real Hover Cat. I took the photo in 2002 when I was working as a sports photographer. I laid on the ground with a 70-200mm zoom lens and a Nikon D1H DSLR camera.

For more information or to get your Hover Cat swag from the source, visit Hoverkitty. (Currently no word on the NFT offering.)