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Did you know the Portland connection to the “Hover Cat” meme?

With all the talk of NFTs, I’ve been thinking back about classic memes with a Portland angle. And how the creators of the works that inspired those memes might be able to get in on the whole NFT craze, too. Of course, the obvious one is KGW and “I like turtles.” But the classic Hover Cat meme has its connections to Portland, as well.

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Because Portland: Inauguration Bernie meme inspires handcrafted reclaimed wood cutout

It’s always nice when US politics inspires hope. Or at the very least, comedy. And such is the case with the Inauguration Bernie meme. Which has inspired everything from a deluge of handcrafted memes to the ability to put Bernie wherever you want. But Portland being Portland, we have to do it our way. And thanks to Mike Bennett, we’ve got the perfect Portland tribute: a reclaimed wood crafted cutout to commemorate this whole thing.

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Like the memes? You’ll definitely want to check out this event out during Design Week Portland

I love Design Week Portland. There is no single more compelling week of events that does such an amazing job of showcasing so much Portland genius. And we’re currently soaking in it.

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I like turtles: Portland’s favorite meme turns ten

We’ve been lucky to have a few Portland memes go big. Usually around snow. Like Perfect Conditions. Or the cars sliding down icy hills. But one Portland meme tops them all. Zombie Kid. You know, the one who likes turtles. And that meme just turned 10 years old.

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Portland snow brings with it a modern day air raid siren on smartphones… and of course a new meme

Okay. Okay. We get it. Portlanders like to freak out about the weather. Especially winter weather. But this one was a bit of a doozy. And as usual, it became a messy mix of snow and ice rather quickly. Portland does that whole messy weather thing exceptionally well. The snow. The freezing rain. Read More

I like turtles: Portland’s quintessential contribution to the world of memes turns five

It was a simpler time on the Internet. In 2007, most social activity occurred on MySpace and LiveJournal. Current rapid sharing juggernauts Facebook and Twitter were nascent tools used by the few. And yet, one nervous Portland boy managed to spark a meme that would set the standard for many memes to come. Read More

Trouble tracking the Thom Yorke meme? No worries. Portland’s Get Down Thom has you covered.

Well just ask Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke whose somewhat spastic video for “Lotus Flower” has become the latest rage for humorous mashups.

If there is one thing the Internet has in bushels, it’s snark. Release something that is ripe for lampooning and rest assured, the folks on the Web will take full advantage of it. Don’t believe me? Well just ask Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke whose somewhat spastic video for “Lotus Flower” has become the latest rage for humorous mashups.

But how is one to track all of these parodies? Well, leave it to Portland ingenuity. Introducing Get Down Thom. Read More

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