PIE Demo Day 2021 will be held June 28 at 3:14PM

Like it or not, we’ve all learned a lot during this whole global pandemic. Some good, some bad. But whatever the case, it’s been a learning experience for every single person on the planet. And PIE is no different. But based on those learnings, PIE is rebooting — or in bad PIE pun lingo “reheating” — its current class of startups.

It’s not just the lack of physical space that is causing issues, this time around. Decisions we made as we began delivering a virtual accelerator program are causing issues, as well. In fact, we made two critical — and in hindsight, naive — assumptions going into a virtual “Pandemic PIE” that are having a significant impact on the program and the outputs of the program.

Because both of those assumptions turned out to be incorrect.

So in the spirit of experimentation — where even failures have valuable learnings — we wanted to share those insights with you. And explain how they are impacting and influencing the remainder of the Pandemic PIE class.

So, speaking of puns, the new target for PIE Demo Day 2021 is June 28 at 3:14PM.

For more information, visit “Reheating PIE” or read the coverage in the Portland Business Journal.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]