Forget sliding into DMs. Subfund has you subscribing into DMs.

For someone who has been creating free Internet content for more than 30 years, this whole creator economy wave of products is super interesting. And when it’s a Portland company, I’m even more interested. Like Subfund.

Subfund is the latest effort from serial entrepreneur Chris Teso, the founder of Chirpify. So you know he’s been thinking about the financial potential of Twitter feeds for longer than most folks. And Subfund takes a decidedly creator economy angle on the whole thing.

Journalists, stock traders, fashionistas, YouTubers, musicians, bloggers, communities, newspapers, influencers, thought leaders, twitchers, cookie bakers. If you create great content and want to monetize it by enabling people to subscribe to your best stuff, you’re on the list!

The platform currently works on Twitter DMs and Facebook Messenger. I’ve got a Subfund account set up if you want to see it in action.

For more information, visit Subfund.