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Subfund now allows you to send Instagram DMs

Sometimes, the best way to understand the potential of a product is use it yourself. That’s why I’ve happily been mucking around with Subfund, which allows me to send Twitter direct messages, Facebook Messenger updates, and newsletters to folks who subscribe. Now, it also offers Instagram DMs.

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Need more than a DM? Subfund adds full length newsletters to its offering

Portland startup Subfund is helping creators manage direct messages, allowing them to efficiently send DMs to folks in their communities who opt in to receive those messages. But sometimes, those creators have a little more to say than a DM. And that’s why Subfund has expanded their offering to allow for full length newsletters, as well.

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Forget sliding into DMs. Subfund has you subscribing into DMs.

For someone who has been creating free Internet content for more than 30 years, this whole creator economy wave of products is super interesting. And when it’s a Portland company, I’m even more interested. Like Subfund.

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