Interested in grabbing a super socially distanced lunch with the Portland startup community…?

Maybe it’s the change in the weather. Maybe it’s hearing from more and more folks who have been vaccinated. Maybe it’s the fact that we’ve been in this “demented and sad… but social” event construct for more than a year at this point. Whatever the case, it seems like it might be a good time to gather the community for a good old fashioned — yet virtual — Portland Lunch 2.0.

What’s Portland Lunch 2.0, you ask? It’s simply an excuse to hang out with other folks in the Portland startup community. During lunch. No agenda. No presentations. Just an opportunity to meet up with your peers and connect with new folks in town.

How do you even Portland Lunch 2.0? Well, I created this handy Portland Lunch 2.0 guide for both would be attendees and would be hosts.

Sound interesting? The next virtual Portland Lunch 2.0 will take place April 8, 2021, at noon. It will be hosted online, in some fashion. And it is free to attend. You don’t even have to bring a lunch if you don’t want to. Best of all? You don’t even have to be in Portland to attend.

For more information, to stay in the loop on future events, or to RSVP, please visit Portland Lunch 2.0.