ConductorOne is the newest local player in identity management and security

For a while, I thought fintech was going to be the dominant industry in the Portland startup community. Now, I’m beginning to think that it may be identity management. And news like the reveal of new Portland startup ConductorOne only strengthens that opinion.

We believe the market needs a fresh approach to solving these problems. Security does not need to be the enemy of productivity as it relates to timely, least privilege, access. We need to shift identity left. So, we’re building an identity orchestration and automation platform to power the next phase of massive SaaS adoption. We’re going to make the world more productive and secure.

Headquartered in Portland, the company is fully remote and has 10 employees, according to TechCrunch.

For more information, read the ConductorOne blog post announcing the company.

(Hat tip Dylan Boyd)