Interested in attracting software developers as customers? Portland’s Adam DuVander could write a book about it. And did.

Writing a book is hard. Getting it published is even harder. And so, in many ways, I always think of the journey of being an author akin to the journey of being a startup founder. So when a long time member of the Portland startup community gets the opportunity to publish a book, it’s a win on any number of fronts. Which is why I was incredibly happy to see Adam DuVander’s new book hit the proverbial shelves, recently.

The topic? How to more effectively and authentically engage with software developers:

Typical marketing tactics will fall flat on an audience of developers that sniff out anything promotional. Most developers are too skeptical to fill out lead forms or provide you with their real email address, which leaves you staring at your analytics with questions the data can’t possibly answer.

To reach a technical audience, you must acknowledge that developer marketing does not exist. Then, once you put away your marketing toolbox, you can begin to authentically engage with developers, a first step towards cultivating future customers.

For more information or to purchase a copy, visit Developer Marketing Does Not Exist.

[Full disclosure: Adam is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]