Need more than a DM? Subfund adds full length newsletters to its offering

Portland startup Subfund is helping creators manage direct messages, allowing them to efficiently send DMs to folks in their communities who opt in to receive those messages. But sometimes, those creators have a little more to say than a DM. And that’s why Subfund has expanded their offering to allow for full length newsletters, as well.

When you go to your Subfund dashboard, you’ll now see content creation split out into Posts and DMs. This means you can create and send both separately, with the ability to send different content on each channel.

Want to write a full newsletter, send it over email, and DM a snippet and link to the full post to subscribers? Yes, you can!

Want to see it in action? Feel free to subscribe to my Subfund account, where I use to service to keep folks aprised of breaking news, upcoming events, and random trivial facts about the Portland startup community.

For more information, visit Subfund. Or sign up for your own Subfund account.