It’s grape! Portland’s Rose City Games releases Garden Story

Jealous of all of your friends who picked up a new gardening hobby during the pandemic? Well, turn that frown upside down, because now you can become a green thumb as well. Or at least a purple one. Meet the latest offering from Rose City Games, Garden Story.

Unify a broken community as the newly-appointed Guardian of The Grove. Traverse a vibrant island to combat invasive Rot, inspire its inhabitants, and rebuild your home. You won’t have to do this alone: fruity friends await, ready to lend a hand!

Concord, the youngest grape in The Grove, is now a Guardian, and it’s their job to help restore the island. That’s a lot to shoulder for a grape barely off the vine… and more than a few inhabitants are skeptical they have what it takes. Fortunately, Concord has friends like Elderberry, Rana, and Fuji on their side! With their help, you can take on the dangerous Rot and find ways to encourage other residents to assist in the efforts.

What’s more, it’s got a compelling premise baked into the gameplay:

Thematically, Garden Story encourages stewardship of your community, and its adventures are centered around helping those around you and working together towards a common goal. Nothing is accomplished alone.

The game is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for $19.99.

For more information, visit Garden Story.

[Full disclosure: Rose City Games is an alum of the Oregon Story Board accelerator, which was a flavor of PIE. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]