Farewell, Clickety

As much as I hate to see startups shut down, I always appreciate when it’s for the right reasons. And while I’ll miss using Clickety — which enabled and empowered me to organize and make sense of the massive pile of dots I’ve collected and connected over the years — I’m heartened that the end of the company is the best course of action for the folks involved.

We are incredibly proud of what we’ve built. We’ll miss using it ourselves. And we’re as convinced as ever that what we were building – a powerful tool to help people whose jobs are built around people work – is still needed. But we aren’t able to continue our efforts.

It sucks to close down. But we are prioritizing the health of our team members, which is the right choice, even if it’s sad, difficult, and a little scary.

Startups are always difficult. And risky. Building them in the midst of a global pandemic makes them even harder. These past two years have been a lot. For all of us.

Farewell, Clickety. And may the team fare well — and in good health — in their next efforts.

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