Gumroad founder launches The Minimalist Entrepreneur

Local founder Sahil Lavingia has been impressively open about his journey as an entrepreneur. Now, he’s collected learnings from that journey into a book and course to help more folks figure out their own path to building something amazing. It’s called The Minimalist Entrepreneur.

If you’ve ever thought, “maybe I should start my own own business,” only to stall when complications pop up, The Minimalist Entrepreneur is for you. Part manifesto, part manual, this step-by-step guide will show you how to build a profitable, sustainable company of any size from anywhere for the communities you care about most.

Don’t get permission. Just get started. You can learn what you need to know and overcome obstacles on your path one at a time as long as you stay focused on profitability and the customers you’re serving. Building a business this way showed me how I fit into the world and also how I could make it better. The Minimalist Entrepreneur will show you your own path, too.

For more on the book and the course, visit The Minimalist Entrepreneur or join the conversation on Product Hunt. To grab the book in physical, audio, or digital format, go to Amazon. [Full disclosure: That’s my Amazon Affiliate link.]