Meet Skittish, a new online event platform that takes a quirky approach

Any number of online event platforms try varying degrees of approximating an event environment, virtually. But most, at best, create an uncanny valley of “almost but not quite.” So what if you took a completely different approach? Like, I don’t know… riffing on the incredibly popular Animal Crossing as an event environment? That’s about the most accurate description of Skittish.

Created by Andy Baio — who founded one the original social event platforms, Upcoming — the platform lets hosts customize their world with a built environment, videos, a stage, and more. And the whole thing uses spacial audio to all groups to cluster and dissipate as if they were moving through a real world environment.

After a period of private beta, the product is now available to the public. So if you’re looking to host an online event, it might be worth taking it for a spin.

For more information or to sign up, visit Skittish.