Portland startup Provenance Chain Network partners with AllClir

Portland lifecycle transparency startup Provenance Chain™ Network (PCN) has established a new partnership with AllClir™, a maker of measurable disinfectant sensors.

This partnership creates the ability to verify surfaces have been sprayed with the adequate amount of disinfectant, and to create an immutable record of the event. This record will include the location, time, cleaning crew member, cleaners used and a photo. End users of the cleaned area will have proof the cleaning protocol was upheld, for greater peace of mind. Regulators will have reliable verification for more complete audits. Facilities implementing this platform of sensors and immutable record keeping will have validation for regulators and proof to end users, as well as, cleaning crew feedback and training.

“Pilot customers of this technology are very excited by the instant feedback of the sensors and the immutable record each event creates to serve all parties involved, regulators, facility owners and end users,”said Jeff Gaus, cofounder and CEO of PCN. “Never before have these customers had all their data available to them in real-time. This is a real game-changer in how facilities manage their cleaning protocol and have evidence. We could not be more excited to partner with AllClirTM to bring this technology to market. The time when you enter a hotel room or doctor’s office or hospital room and know for certain it has been cleaned properly is now a reality.”

For more information, visit the PCN news section.