Your paying customers are only one click away with Rally Pay

If there’s one thing the pandemic accelerated it was virtual meeting platform development. But if there was another thing that the pandemic accelerated it would be ecommerce. Suddenly, practically overnight, every retail location was forced to become an ecommerce solution in order to remain accessible to customers.

But state of the art for ecommerce is still less than perfect. Which is why Rally is looking to improve it. With Rally Pay.

The ecommerce world is more hectic, more crowded, and moving faster than ever before, which is why it’s more important than ever for merchants and developers to get the shopping experience exactly right. Enabling seamless, frictionless one-click checkout plays a huge role in how you do that. At Rally, we’ve put a ton of thought into making sure our one-click checkout provides the best possible experience for all stakeholders in the ecommerce value chain…

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