REMINDER: Portland Lunch 2.0, still BYOL and virtual… but social

While we had all hoped to be through the whole pandemic thing by now, it’s still doing an incredible job of wreaking havoc on in-person events around these parts — and making every day seem like a repeat of the day before. While not ideal, virtual events still hold the potential to give us some semblance of human connection until we can gather IRL again. And there’s an opportunity to do so, this week: Portland Lunch 2.0.

What’s Portland Lunch 2.0, you ask…?

The event started as a means of introducing Portland startup community folks to the interesting startups being built in Portland. Someone would agree to buy lunch for everyone. We’d show up at their offices. And then we’d hang out, revel in their cool office space, and enjoy some food from local chefs and proprietors. As an added bonus, the hosting company got a few minutes to promote their product, share what open jobs, or whatever else they wanted to say.

Today, it’s more of a virtual sort of thing. But it’s still a great way to connect with the Portland startup community. Need more details? Here’s a Portland Lunch 2.0 FAQ from back in the day.

There’s no better time to reconnect with folks in the community with whom you’ve lost touch. And there’s no better way to gather with a random smattering of your startup community peers than Portland Lunch 2.0. Even if it is virtually.

The next Portland Lunch 2.0 takes place on February 2, 2022, at noon. It will be hosted on Airmeet and sponsored by PIE. (If you’re interested in hosting/sponsoring, there’s always room for more folks to do so. Just complete this form.) It is free and open to the public. Whether you live in Portland or not.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Portland Lunch 2.0.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]