Month: February 2022

Silicon Florist links arrangement for February 4, 2022 💐

Omicron’s molecular structure could help explain its global takeover

By comparing Omicron’s structure with that of the original version of SARS-CoV-2 and its other variants, they have begun to shed light1 on which features of the highly mutated virus have enabled it to evade the body’s immune defences, while also maintaining its ability to attack a person’s cells. And they’ve begun to unpick why Omicron seems to cause milder disease than previous variants.

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Rebooting Silicon Florist links arrangement 💐

[Editor: I used to do this thing where I would capture a variety of links with some context. And then I’d crate them up into a post and share them on a regular basis. They were stories from other Portland journalists, blog posts, topics that are tangential — but applicable — to the Portland startup community, or interesting things happening in Portland. But when the platform I was using to compose those posts died, I quit doing it. Looking back, I’ve been missing those collections. So I’m rebooting that posting style. Rather than leaving a thousand tabs open for stories that I’ll probably never get around to writing.]

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Working on a bioscience startup? You’ll want to apply for Angel Oregon Life & Bioscience (AOBIO)

Fast on the heels of their work with tech and food startups, Oregon Entrepreneurs Network has now expanded its offerings to include programming — and potential investment — for life science and bioscience startups through Angel Oregon Life & Bioscience (AOBIO), a program developed in partnership with Oregon Bioscience Incubator, OHSU, and Oregon Bioscience Association.

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