Managing your hectic schedule just got even easier with the Reclaim.ai Google Calendar add-in

Portland startup Reclaim.ai is all about helping you do a better job of managing your time — and retaining your sanity. And the latest step forward for the company ensures that their offering is even easier to access. Directly from within Google Calendar. And it’s free. Forever.

Simply integrate your task list (from Todoist, Jira, ClickUp, Asana, Linear or Google Tasks), set up the recurring Habits you want to make time for (e.g., lunch, email, weekly reporting), and set how long you want to break for after meetings, and let Reclaim prioritize your day for you.

See your full list of priorities right inside Google Calendar in the Reclaim Google Calendar add-on so you can make changes to your schedule, reprioritize tasks, log work, or punt work you no longer have time for. Reclaim’s add-on gives you the best of both worlds: the power to automate your schedule with the freedom to make in the moment changes — without ever leaving Google Calendar.

To install, visit the Google Workspace Marketplace. For more information, see Reclaim.ai on Product Hunt.