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Portland calendar AI startup Reclaim launches “Smart 1:1s”

If you’ve ever managed folks, you know how powerful 1:1s (one-on-ones) can be for keeping everyone up to date and on the same page. And if you’ve ever managed anyone at a startup, you know how keeping a consistent schedule for those 1:1s can fall to pieces in a stressful environment. That’s why Portland startup Reclaim is putting their AI bot to work on your calendars, so that those 1:1s always happen, even under the most tenuous of calendar conditions.

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More coverage of the Reclaim.ai Seed funding announcement

Earlier today, I shared the news that Portland startup Reclaim.ai had raised a $4.8 million Seed round, with some notable investors in tow. So notable, as a matter of fact, that a number of other writers took notice.

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