Potential podcaster? Professional podcaster? Now there’s a Portland podcast event designed for you… and every type of podcaster in between

Portland has always had a certain predilection for podcasts. We have had any number of folks experimenting with the format since the turn of the century. In fact, we have had some pretty successful and notable efforts come out of the community over the last two decades. Heck, we even had that Airstream that was retrofitted into a podcast studio and an event that brought a bevy of well-known podcasters to the stage.

And then there was the whole pandemic. Which only amplified — and to some extent exacerbated — that level of activity.

Suddenly, practically everyone had the time, wherewithal, and thirst for connection to start a podcast. Or vidcast. Or virtual event. Or whatever. And while that podcast momentum has begun to wane a little, it still seems that we’re experiencing a sort of renaissance around the podcast format. With a bunch of new hosts and potential hosts seeking to join the ranks of the more well-established folks.

And that’s kind of what this event is going to provide. A platform for folks to share their learnings for the benefit of the community. And to compare notes. And to learn how to be even better at the craft. Meet PodConf.

PodConf is an intimate event created for independent podcasters. Our goal is to create a space for podcasters to participate, connect and get inspired. We’re here to support your podcasting journey, whether your goal is to launch, reboot, or grow your podcast! Join us and other podcasters in this highly interactive event.

Designed by Portland podcast aficionado and founder of PodInbox Pat Cheung and Claire Giovino, host of The Better Questions, this one-day conference is working to get the podcasting community together to help one another. So that everyone can have better podcasts.

Will it work? We’re already seeing glimmers of the potential this event has in the podcast 101 series that Pat is currently running. (I mean, I’m participating. And it was even enough to inspire me to get back into the podcast game. And that’s me. Just imagine what someone with actual talent like you could be inspired to do?)

Early bird tickets are $25 for the event which will take place in person at The Factor Building on April 29. 2023.

For more information or to purchase your ticket, visit PodConf.