Cloudability founder Mat Ellis at work on something FasterBetter

One of the most well-known startup stories of the past generation of Portland tech startups was Cloudability, a company founded and grown in Portland that was successfully acquired in 2019. Now, the founder of Cloudability, Mat Ellis, is working on something new called FasterBetter.

The startup, which has been fairly stealthy to date, is a tool designed to improve your work. And given that the link to the product has a “.ai” in it, you’d be absolutely correct in assuming that Artificial Intelligence is the thing that’s going to be giving you that help.

Mat recently revealed more about FasterBetter in a LinkedIn post. Probably because a) It’s business related, and b) LinkedIn seems to be where all of the social media energy seems to be these days.

At FasterBetter we’re building AI-assisted tools that optimize for focus and flow over frequency and quantity. And today we’re rolling out an Early Access Program, so a few early adopters can get their hands on what we’ve been building and help us get it ready by teaching us about their real-world experiences and problems.

We’re hoping to break the productivity hamster wheel and make software productive again. We want to bring back the joy of regaining control of our work, because that’s what we’re in it for.

Sound interesting? They’re accepting signups for the waitlist at FasterBetter.

Given the impact that Mat and his work had on the previous generation of startups, forgive me if I’m more than a little optimistic about what he might contribute to the Portland startup community this time around. Looking forward to seeing where this one goes. And hopefully getting my hands on the tool at some point.

For more information, visit FasterBetter.

[Full disclosure: Cloudability is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]