r/Portland among thousands of subreddits going dark in protest

Part of my morning routine in reading tech news and such is to pop by r/Portland, a massive subreddit that focuses on what’s happening in the Rose City. All couched in an appropriate amount of Reddit snark. Only today, the information I received wasn’t about Portland. Because the subreddit is inaccessible. For a reason.

[Due to recent actions by Reddit regarding the API pricing and the effective killing off of 3rd Party apps,](https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-65855608) plus the CEO’s own actions in a recent AMA, this subreddit has gone private in solidarity with other subreddits to protest these actions. Depending on Reddit’s actions in the coming days, we anticipate returning on Wednesday, 14 June. All modmail requests to become an approved user will be politely declined.

It’s all part of a larger effort by thousands of subreddits going dark in protest. And, at the time of this writing, that’s more than 7000 subreddits representing millions of users.

To keep an eye on the real-time count, visit Reddark (or one of the mirror sites).