All aboard! ConductorOne expands Series A to $27 million

At a time when securing funding is more challenging than it was a year ago, it’s always nice to see Portland startups securing the capital that they need for growth. It’s even nicer when those numbers are as impressive as ConductorOne’s Series A, which is now at $27 million.

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our Series A funding to $27M today, with Felicis leading the investment.

We’ve grown substantially since our initial Series A funding announcement in June 2022. We’ve added worldclass customers including DigitalOcean, Ramp, Loom, Panther, and DeepWatch to name a few. We’ve grown our team (the c1rew). We’ve built and launched new products, most recently our just in time access product. But we’re just getting started….

What are they doing with that funding? Hiring of course.

We’re also very excited to bring on notable new angels including Travis McPeak (CEO and founder at Resourcely), Anna Westelius (Director of Security Engineering at Netflix), Jason Chan (former Head of InfoSec at Netflix), Mark Hillick (Head of Security at Brex), Rohit Parchuri (CISO at Yext), Will Bengtson (Senior Director of Security Engineering at HashiCorp), Shubham Raj (Staff Security Engineer at Coinbase), and Tom Alcock (Founder at CodeRed Partners). Each of these investors brings deep security expertise and we’re fortunate to have them on team C1.

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