Last call: Your feedback on Portland Startups Slack would be appreciated

Last call, that is, until I ask you again. I mean, we’re all in this together. So your feedback is appreciated on the Portland Startups Slack. Which you might have joined at one point. And then completely forgot about. Or where you might show up from time to time but not really frequent, per se. Whatever the case, your feedback is valuable and needed.

What’s the Portland Startups Slack, you ask…?

In the early days of this generation of Portland startups, the Portland startup scene connected using a product from a relatively young startup called Twitter. It was mostly geeky folks on the platform back then. And it proved to be an easy and straightforward way for all of us to share things and stay in touch.

Obviously, times have changed. But recently, I’ve had the luck to be part of a number of public Slack channels. And as I used them more and more, I’ll be damned if I wasn’t reminded of the early days of Twitter. Which made me think, what if we tried to recreate that magic from the early days of the Portland startup scene?

It’s still early. But it just might work. So whether you’re in the Portland startup scene or purely curious about the Portland startup scene from near or far, come join us in the Portland Startups Slack.

It’s easy to join. And it’s just as easy to provide your feedback.


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