Searching for that perfect domain name? Namealong can help

It used to be — way way back in the day — that Silicon Florist content was mostly coverage of side projects. Not necessarily businesses. Or even concepts with huge potential. But random ideas that people were inspired to create. That was, after all, the promise of technology in my opinion: the opportunity to build and maintain interesting things at a low cost. So I’m always happy to see new side projects crop up. Like Namealong.

According to creator Brad Simantel:

It’s a domain search tool that takes your query, pairs it up with 4000+ other words, suffixes, and prefixes, and shows you available .com domains. Great for brainstorming if you have a few keywords but don’t want to check a million options manually. 

If you’re interested in providing feedback, there’s a Hacker News post and a conversation on Portland Startups Slack.

To try it yourself, visit Namealong.