One and done: First Row seeks startups for up to $200k investment from Ensemble Fund

Clear communication. Obviously, I’m completely incapable of it. But I’m a huge fan of it. That’s why I really like what First Row is doing with its Ensemble Fund. They’re looking for deal flow for a one-time investment. That’s it. No follow on. All designed to get Angels to collaborate on due diligence of their first pooled fund. Think of it as a learning opportunity. Well that and the opportunity to get some capital into founders’ hands.

This education-infused opportunity brings founders in front of 15-20 active Angel investors who pooled capital and are making a group investment decision. Over the six weeks, First Row Founding Partners Yoko Okano and Minda Brusse guide the investor group through screening and diligence. Our promise to all participants is “swift and thorough!”

The selected investment will be professionally managed and advanced as a First Row portfolio company alongside our core portfolio. That means up to 20 new angels invested in your success, and adds only one entity on your cap table. You’ll join our portfolio company Slack channel and gain access to the resources and discounts we offer to advance startups.

Sound interesting? Well, you’re going to have to move quickly. Startup applications are due October 12, 2023. But your speed is being matched. Because they’re moving fast, as well. The process will be complete at the beginning of December. 2023. Yes. This year.

I’m really interested to see how this goes. For both founders and Angels.

For more information or to submit an application, visit First Row Ensemble Fund. For more on the firm, visit First Row.