Portland startup The Provenance Chain™ Network lands deal with Space Force

In this day and age of muddled and obfuscated supply chains, keeping track of what came from where to make what can be challenging for even the most astute and organized supply chain detective. Recognizing this, the team at The Provenance Chain™ Network had the insight that tracking these elements within complex supply chains was a perfect use case for the Blockchain. So they started a company to do exactly that. And now, it’s clear that others agree they’re on to something interesting. Several others. Like the Federal Government. The Provenance Chain has sailed through SBIR to Phase III and now they’re working with the United States Space Force.

What’s that? Yes. I did use the word “obfuscated.” Let’s keep on track. Space Force. Focus.

Here’s the deal:

The Provenance Chain™ Network Inc. (PCN) is pleased to announce the award of their Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III contract from Space Systems Command (SSC)’s Assured Access to Space (AATS) for the United States Space Force (USSF). This contract comes on the back of winning the AFWERX Space Challenge in 2020, the Space Force Pitch Day resulting in a Phase I and Phase II SBIR in 2021, and a TACFI supplemental funding award in 2022. These events laid the groundwork for adapting PCN’s supply chain transparency platform to optimize the process of flight critical hardware reviews for National Security Space Launch (NSSL) Vehicles. These programs are how DoD is “Making Big Bets on Great Ideas”*.

Yes. That’s a lot of acronyms. But this is the Feds. So it’s to be expected. Just rest assured that it’s good news.

“The resulting project effort, to adopt the PCN’s supply chain transparency software, has enabled the realization of AAEQ’s early-stage vision for a digital service. We have successfully developed a system that leverages the intrinsic benefits of a data centric architecture – digitally consolidating and aligning crucial data inputs that were previously disassociated,” said Maj. Juan D. Mayssonet, USSF government lead for this effort. “We are excited to see the value this platform delivers through operational use. The goal is to tell a more comprehensive product pedigree narrative and provide digital transparency to the NSSL Quality Engineering mission stakeholders.”

What’s Phase III of SBIR entail for this project?

Under the SBIR Phase III contract, PCN will accelerate the commercialization of the platform; this includes expanding integration of the platform across multiple launch-services providers and their supply chains. PCN and AATS will coordinate the operational deployment of the platform throughout the industrial supply base. The aim of this work is to increase the throughput of the flight critical hardware review process to accommodate the NSSL launch tempo increase, without compromising the quality or integrity of the Flight Hardware Certification process.

For more information on the deal, read the press release: “The Provenance Chain(TM) Accelerates through the SBIR Program to Phase III Award in Less than Three Years.” For more on the company, visit The Provenance Chain™ Network.