Bright future: Cigna acquires Bright.md

Telehealth made logical sense. But it really took a global pandemic for folks to truly realize its potential. So it comes as little surprise that local telehealth startup Bright.md would be the target of a major healthcare organization. Cigna has acquired Bright.md.

Such investments by the company highlight its unwavering focus on addressing health issues holistically and diversifying the avenues through which patients get access to care. A clinical digital interview will be taken and converted into a holistic chart and the clinician can go through the responses and provide diagnosis, prescriptions and care plans accordingly.

“Ultimately, this will help patients get care faster and facilitate more meaningful patient-provider interactions that improve health,” said Dr. Eric Weil, chief medical officer at Cigna MDLIVE, in a written statement.

For more information, read the Portland Business Journal coverage of the Bright.md acquisition.

  1. […] Bright MD, an early player in the telehealth, digital healthcare space, which rose to even more prominence during the pandemic is in talks to be acquired by Cigna. As a massive health care company. I don’t have any numbers to report on the acquisition. But m&a activity is always a compelling way to exit in the Portland startup community, so I hope it works out. For everyone involved in a positive way, […]

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