Local NBC affiliate KGW features Portland-area startup Finnegan the Dragon

I always love when traditional news outlets take the opportunity to share the stories of amazing startup founders. So I was thrilled to see Emily Cadiz of Finnegan the Dragon recently featured on a KGW story.

Cadiz is Finnegan’s creator, and while she brought the lovable dragon to life, Finnegan brought purpose back to hers — and the story of how Finnegan was born is worthy of a fairytale…

That’s a gap Emily Cadiz hopes Finnegan can bridge by helping early learners become reading-ready through the use of phonetics and interactive music. Dr. Seidenberg believes kids need to learn the correspondence between the letters on the page and the sounds of words. Finnegan does that while also taking them on a compelling adventure that stimulates young imaginations.

To read the whole story or to watch the piece, visit KGW.

[Hat tip Peter Horan]

[Full disclosure: Finnegan the Dragon is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]