Local Y Combinator alum Streamdal trending on Product Hunt

With so many distributed teams, it’s really difficult to define a “Portland startup” these days. But if a cofounder lives here, then I’m going to call it “local.” Such is the case with Streamdal, a startup whose cofounder and CTO calls Portland home. And somewhere else they’re calling home today is Product Hunt. Where they’ve been in the top 10 trending startups all day.

What’s Streamdal do to get this sort of attention? They built an open-source observability tool.

Aside from giving you the ability to tail -f parts of your app that are processing data, it is also an engine that allows you to execute rules like “payload should not contain XYZ”, “mask sensitive data”, or “alert me if data contains PII”.

At its heart, Streamdal is a server, a UI, and a bunch of Wasm-powered SDKs. Alone, the pieces are not too impactful but using them together provides engineers with a new level of observability and enables them to prevent issues before they turn into something more serious.

Specifically, what you get is a beautiful UI with a real-time data graph (think: Figma), that shows you your apps and services, their dependencies, their respective throughput, and inferred schemas, all while allowing you to tail -f any component. And all of that is really real-time, with zero lag and zero delays.

For more information, visit Github or Streamdal.

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