Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Zhou Fang


Zhou Fang is the founder and principal practitioner of Intersectional Group LLC, a leadership and equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) consulting practice with a focus on intersectionality, empathy and compassion, as well as curiosity.

Zhou is an advocate for pay transparency and equity, immigration reform and climate justice, as well as a committed ally for the LGBTQ+ and Indigenous communities.

Currently, Zhou serves on the board of Portland HR Management Association and is the Chair of the Policy Committee at Women’s Foundation of Oregon.

Outside of work, Zhou is a proud dog and plant parent and a comedy and horror movie enthusiast. She appreciates good food and loves to travel.

What are you up to…?

We are focusing on working with folks in leadership and decision making positions to better their leadership styles and skills. We are also heavily invested in teams and organizations that are committed to their employees’ growth. [Editor’s note: Zhou will be part of a panel discussion, this week.]

Why Portland?

Portland is my third home in the U.S. as an immigrant. I moved here for work and it became home where I put roots down.

I enjoy walks and hikes with my dog Henry in the city. Scotch Lodge, Hey Love, 5&Dime, Canard, and Luce are a few of my favorite spots for good food and drinks. My friends and I go to Laurelhurst and Hollywood Theaters regularly for movies old and new. As a plant parent, I go to Birds and Bees, Larkspur, and Portland Nursery a few times a year.


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