Sherrell Dorsey chats with Aina Abiodun of VertueLab

Interested in the latest thinking in climate innovation? There’s no better local resource than Portland’s VertueLab, which has served as a hub of activity for climate tech and climate innovation for more than 15 years. In a little over a week, the new leader of that organization, Aina Abiodun, will be sitting down with Sherrell Dorsey to share her insights.

Nigeria-born climate entrepreneur and “professional nomad” Aina Abiodun is bullish on place-based climate innovation. “There is nothing more urgent than when you’re living the disaster,” says Abiodun, who joined Portland-based climate nonprofit VertueLab early this year.

VertueLab has funded climate tech in the US Pacific Northwest for 15 years. “Let’s tackle this thing from a local perspective and see how we can build it out.” Abiodun will join me on the next Plugged In on LinkedIn, presented by ImpactAlpha.

The event is virtual and free. It takes place at 10:00AM Pacific Time, November 8, 2023.

For more information or to RSVP, visit “Plugged In: Local climate innovation with Aina Abiodun of VertueLab.”