Cloud Four looks to crowdsource some positioning

For those folks newer to the Portland startup community, Cloud Four might not be a familiar name. But back in the day, they were excellent stewards of the community and a critical asset in the mobile development movement around here.

Now, Cloud Four is working on finding a better descriptor for the work they do. And they thought you might have some ideas:

In all cases, there were existing user bases and internal developers maintaining the application. The developers needed help both designing and building a foundation for a future web version of the application, but either didn’t have the expertise or the time. Our job was creating that new design and building the foundation they needed for the new, web-based version of the application.

What is this type of work called? It’s akin to product design and development, but people usually reserve those descriptions for new products, not existing apps. Plus, we’re not in the business of product definition or market fit analysis. Internally, we started calling them responsive retrofits, but I suspect we’re the only ones who use that phrase.

Have thoughts? Let Cloud Four know.