Impacted by the Portland teachers’ strike? CENTRL Office offers bring your kids to (co)work option

From the Portland Startups Slack:

Hey PPS parents!

If the PPS teachers strike happens tomorrow and your office isn’t kid-friendly, we’re embracing “bring your kids to work,” and I’ve got room for 5-6 parents and kids in individual offices, and a few more spots in our open area. If you need a place to be where you can bring your small human, let me know. We’ll even have some snacks and art supplies as a little extra help!

(Please note that this isn’t a childcare offer, your kids have to stay with you at all times. But they can be here!)


For those of you not following the situation, some context on the strike:

Portland educators will strike on Wednesday. Portland Public Schools and the Portland Association of Teachers made the announcement Tuesday evening following months of unsuccessful negotiations between Portland Public Schools and the Portland Association of Teachers.

The strike affects more than 80 campuses districtwide, with the exception of district charter schools. This is the first teachers’ strike in PPS history.

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