Deep diving into DAK Catalog

I love that some folks still take the time to blog about stuff. And I always love it when Cabel Sasser — one of the cofounders of local software and game shop Panic — geeks out on something. I mean, who could forget his voyage to the depths of the Pittock Block to explore the major Internet hub that lies beneath Portland, Oregon? Not me. That’s who. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Cabel was geeking out about DAK Catalog.

I bet you’ve never read anything quite like it. First, a strange, catchy, probably-confusing headline gets you in. Then, a single item is given an entire page of attention.

And most of all, the gadget is described and sold almost as if a friend is telling you all about it.

The photos. The copy. The gadgets. The pitch. There was so much to take in. That’s the DAK Catalog.

Interested in taking yet another deep dive with Cabel? Read “DAK and the Golden Age of Gadget Catalogs.”