Caroline Cummings to transfer leadership of RAIN in March 2024

RAIN Catalysts, which began its life as a Eugene-focused startup accelerator, has grown to be a tangible presence in rural entrepreneurship throughout the state of Oregon. And an example to be emulated by other states seeking to engage with rural entrepreneurs. Much of that driven by the work of CEO Caroline Cummings, a former founder who understands — all to well — the challenges of starting something new. Now, she’s planning something new: a new leader for RAIN.

Caroline leaves an impressive legacy with the organization:

During my tenure with RAIN, we have been invited to serve 52 small & rural communities in OR and WA and expanded nationally and internationally. We tripled our budget and quadrupled our staff size from pre-pandemic to today. We have secured partnerships with many organizations seeking to serve entrepreneurs and innovators in unique ways. It has been my privilege to lead RAIN Catalysts and I am most grateful to the board, the incredible RAIN Catalysts team, and the amazing funders, partners, and colleagues who have made this such a fulfilling experience. 

No word on candidates at the moment. But I’ll be tracking this story.

For more, see Caroline Cummings LinkedIn post.