Need a little motivation to finish that game you’ve been building? PIG Squad is here to help

You started with the best of intentions. And then maybe you got a little stuck. Or derailed. And now you’re having a hard time getting back into the groove. If only there were some way to get the focus and motivation you need to finish that game you’ve been developing. Well, how about a little positive peer pressure?

It’s that time of year. When PIG Squad encourages you to finish up that game.

Work on a game that’s been on your mind and share the progress you’ve made with a jam page! If you’d like to follow a more traditional “start-to-finish” jam structure, the theme will be decided by everyone supporting patreon.com/PIGSquad

Join us in our opening stream on November 9th and Year-End Jam Showcase on November 30th!

The call for submissions closes on November 27, 2023, before the stroke of midnight.

For more information, visit Finish Your Game Jam 2023.